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If you are looking for a new and inexpensive way to configure your store displays, one option you should consider is gridwall. This fixture type is often one of the most cost-effective ways to display a large amount of merchandise in a small space. If you aren’t familiar with the product or haven’t decided yet if it is right for you, check out these four BIG benefits of the gridwall display system. A Great Solution for Small Accessories – With a gridwall shelving system you can either hang small items from hooks on the wall, or you can utilize baskets for further organization. You can also assemble them as freestanding units for placement anywhere in your store. Improves Store Security – Since the gridwall panels themselves are see through, you can use them in the middle of your floor space without sacrificing visibility. You’ll have a much more secure area, and your facility will be less appealing to potential shoplifters which can save you money too. Lightweight – Moving around grindwall is no problem since the walls are lightweight and portable. In addition to using the gridwall for permanent fixtures, it makes an excellent choice for temporary or “pop-up” retail locations. Highly Configurable – The options truly are endless. You can try different configurations to find the setup that is perfect for your retail space. You’ll find no other fixture product that offers as many configuration choices as gridwall. Gridwall displays are clearly an excellent display solution for many businesses, both small and large. Adding this product to your location gives you superior flexibility and can improve the overall look and organization of your retail space. Check out the many gridwall products and accessories we have available at Store Fixtures and Supplies or contact us for answers to all your questions. We can’t wait to help you take your displays to the next level.

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Store Fixtures will Improve Shopper Experience!

Recent studies have shown that retail sales have been on a steady incline for the past few months, even exceeding the expectations of financial experts at Thomson Reuters Corporation. But any retailer who’s been in the business long enough knows that this is actually an unusual turn of events. What’s more, the summer months to come are often even less certain. Retail store success is going to all come down to one thing: appeal.


With all of the many retail selections in-store and online, customers often report feeling bombarded by products and information. Since many customers look to shopping as a form of stress relief, you can increase your appeal by just keeping it simple. For example, opt for chic, single-bar clothing racks with basic metal hangers. A modern glass display case adds an instant luxury effect while maintaining an organized, shopper-friendly environment.

Feng Shui

Feng Shui (pronounced “fung sh-way”) is a Chinese philosophical principle of creating harmony and positive energy by arranging your environment a certain way. The practice is used often in American homes, but many retail stores apply it as well. Walk into your own store and find what grabs your attention—this is where Feng Shui says the energy flows. The first thing the customer sees should be intriguing without being overly aggressive, like a charming wood tier display. It could even be something decorative like a painting or a wall-based, indoor waterfall.


Along the same lines as Feng Shui, part of creating an appealing shopping environment is setting the “mood.” Avoid retail taboos like facing a mirror directly at the front entrance, installing fluorescent ceiling lighting, aligning the back door with the front door, and giving the room a harsh or otherwise unpleasant smell. Since lighting can be one of the biggest influencers of mood, consider lining your display cases with white LED lighting while keeping the rest of the room dimly lit. This keeps shoppers focused on the product without all of the “background noise” in the way.

Hangers, Shelves, Mannequins or?

The main objective of a clothing retailer is to present their products in such a way that the customer can practically envision each item in his or her own wardrobe. There are several different ways to get creative with clothing displays, but the three main clothing-related retail store supplies are: hangers, shelves, and mannequins.

An outfit you currently have hidden on the shelf might be most appealing on a mannequin, while a pair of pants on a hanger in the back of your store might look neater when folded on a shelf up front. The point is: every product is different and should be displayed according to its unique qualities. Here are some rules of thumb to keep in mind when buying store supplies for sale.


These classic store supplies come with the unique advantage of highlighting an item’s design without distracting with its shape. Unlike clothing focused primarily on fit, clothing suited for hangers includes loose dresses, graphic tops, patterned clothing, and any item with a central image or word. If design is the clothing item’s most attractive quality, hangers are the best store supplies for your display.


Pants– and especially jeans– are most commonly displayed on a shelves as opposed to a hanger, a mannequin, or other retail store supplies. Why is this? Pants are designed largely for utility, with distinguished features taking up only a small portion of the item. Namely: the back pockets and front zipper region. Customers will feel a lot less overwhelmed when they can clearly see the most important feature of a pair of pants without having to sort through bulky material.


Of all the store supplies for sale, mannequins are the most versatile. When you’re dealing with clothing that’s all about the fit, a mannequin can allow shoppers to easily imagine themselves in your merchandise. In addition to specially-fitted clothing, mannequins can also make otherwise plain apparel look lively and fresh. For example, a solid green dress might look like just another dress on the hanger, but display it on the mannequin with the right accessories and you’ve got a whole new look.

The proper aesthetics for a clothing display requires extra attention to special features 
The right shelving plays a big role in your stores success

Shelves play a bigger role than you think in making a sale. Though it might seem relatively standard and unimportant, retail store shelving is part of your product’s presentation. Additionally, shelves help retail store owners out by enhancing organization and reducing maintenance. If you want to make the most out of essential store shelving, Bargain Store Equipment recommends the following strategies.

Create a pathway

One of the best benefits of Gondola Shelving is that it’s free-standing, which means it can be maneuvered according to the unique layout of your store. To encourage customers to explore your store for as long as possible, use Gondola Shelving to guide them through a specific pathway. For example, you can create a comfortable curving path by shifting one Gondola Shelving unit to the right, and then create a soft turn ahead of the unit with another display curving to the left.

Decorate with wall shelving

One unique strategy for maximizing space and enhancing the look of your store is installing wall shelving a few feet down from the ceiling. You can store more expensive or specialized merchandise on these wall shelves, or simply add a few decorative items relative to your store’s brand. For example, an antique store might display some interesting vintage toys or signs, while a boutique might decorate with fake flowers and colorful standalone letters.

Coordinate wall and standalone shelving

Many retail stores will use both wall shelving and standalone shelving, which offers an excellent opportunity to coordinate these two distinct fixtures. For example, you can install a few wall shelves above a Gondola shelving unit to add extra height. Just make sure to alter color, spacing, and alignment as necessary for a uniform look. Another interesting way to coordinate shelving is by choosing complementary colors: one for each structure. Since Gondola shelving comes in a lighter hue, you can install black wall shelving for an eye-catching contrast.

Shelves change the way customers see your product, so choose your shelving unit carefully

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Tips can make a difference

The difference between a bland gridwall panel and an attention-grabbing gridwall panel display is a little creativity. The main purpose of using gridwalls is to maximize space in a cost-effective way. But many retailers aren’t taking full advantage of the structure’s full potential. To attract more customers with your gridwall, apply the following advice from experts at Bargan Store Equipment.

Separate Hanging and Shelving Equipment

Although it might sound like a good idea to balance out your design by including a mix of shelves, baskets and hangers on each panel, this strategy can actually limit the storage efficiency and overall aesthetic appeal of the display. The best way to stay organized is to carefully segregate your gridwall accessories.

For example, hanging accessories should be placed on just one panel, one on top of another or side by side if you have the space. Shelves usually have to span two gridwall panels, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still organize them. For example, shelves can be installed on the top half of the device and baskets on the bottom half.

Get Colorful

With more traditional displays, clothing is often grouped by its category. For example, all t-shirts will be on one shelf, while all sweaters will be on the same rack. Since a grid panel comes with more versatility, experiment with a few non-traditional tactics instead. You can group all of the yellow clothing items from your store with the gridwall, or devote each of your gridwall accessories to its own color.

Change Shape

Part of the appeal of gridwall panels is their ability to turn into any structure you want. Installing grid panels flat against the wall is probably the most common use, but there are other interesting ways to use these structures too. For example, you can make a standalone square by connecting four gridwall panels, and use it as a display for accessories, bathing suits, or other smaller merchandise. You can also create a sort of zig-zag pattern with grid panels for a look that’s pleasing to the eye.

Gridwall might look basic, but they offer more than meets the eye.

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Getting Creative with Slatwall

Determining what kind of slatwall is best for your business depends on a number of different factors, including the nature of the product, the layout of the store, and the intended shopper experience. The trick is to plan out these factors before arranging the store. Check out the following three tips to get the most out of your slatwall displays.

1. Mix and match your slatwall panels

Changing up the layout and design of your store gives customers the impression of “fresh” products and a new presentation. But you don’t have to do anything dramatic like buy entire new shelves every sales quarter. One easy solution is mixing and matching the slatwall hardware in your slatwall displays. For example, if your slatwall display is a dark-colored wood, create a dynamic look by using our attention-grabbing Goshen White slatwall panels. You can even get creative with alternating slatwall panels or color coded ones to better organize merchandise.

2. Choose a complimentary slatwall display

Most retailers choose a slatwall display based on how it looks when the shelves are empty, but the look and layout of these structures plays a big role in your product presentation. According to research published by KISSmetrics, different colors have a different influence on shoppers. For example, the color red has shown to increase energy and heart rate, while also creating a sense of urgency. As a general rule, brighter colors call for action, while darker colors create a more relaxing environment. So if you want a sophisticated look, choose black slatwall displays, or try a warm cherry hue for a more exciting atmosphere.

3. Keep slatwall hardware simple

Slatwall accessories are designed to maximize space and enhance the layout of your store. However, it’s important not to overload these fixtures, since this can create a cluttered, overwhelming affect for the customer. Slatwall fixtures should be as inconspicuous as possible, so the product itself is always in the spotlight. For example, it’s best to hang hook waterfalls high up on the wall, so the customer sees only the product and isn’t distracted by its display.

Sky’s the limit with your store designs using these easy slatwall techniques!

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How to Frame Merchandise for Best Results! Presentation isn’t just about the product; pay attention to the display as well!

They say a picture says a thousand words, but what about the frame? A painting outside of the frame just doesn’t look as good. That’s why paintings are always displayed with elaborate frames at art auctions. This is sort of the same way retail stores work: your merchandise will be more appealing with store display cases to “frame” the items. But not all retail display cases are built equally. Our selection features a variety of cases that will depend on both your preferences and your unique trade.

Wood Tier Displays

These smaller, contemporary-styled Wood Tier Displays showcases have a subtle, yet opulent look about them that immediately draws attention. High-end clothing stores, boutiques and accessory retailers would all find these store display cases useful, since they come in square, rectangular, and oval varieties. Choose darker varieties for a sophisticated look, or go with redder hues to frame your products with an air of excitement and intrigue.

Economy Wood Display Cases

Simple and effective, economy wood store display cases can accommodate limited space and specific tastes. These retail display cases come at a budget-friendly price. However, they’re made of sturdy wood, which can be modified to resemble maple, cherry, walnut, and more. Economy wood display cases would be an excellent frame for anything from knick-knacks to electronics or check out E – Commerce Directory. We are listed under Marketplaces Services category

Ciello & Bellisimo Display Cases

These showcases are best-sellers in our collection because the quality is top-notch. For a jewelry display, the Ciello & Bellisimo retail display cases will add a frame of luxury and and elusiveness that will entice customers. These advanced retail counters are designed to capitalize on the viewpoint of the consumer, representing the merchandise in a light that is most appealing.

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Want to save money on supplies? We’ll show you how!

Retail supplies are a common business expense that can’t really be avoided, but this essential cost can be reduced with a little strategizing and shopping around. At Bargain Store Equipment, we offer the lowest prices on retail store supplies for a variety of different retailers. We strive to give you a selection of variety while offering the most common and effective pieces. Consider these three top-selling products to determine if and how you should use them at your own retail shop.

1. Hangers

Metal Hangers can be a sturdier selection for delicate items, or anything you want to present in the most appealing fashion. Alternatively, plastic hangers are a  practical and less expensive form of retail supplies. Determining the longevity of each type of hanger will depend on a number of factors, which should be monitored for the best result.

2. Racks

Our Garment Rack and Clothing Rack styles range from traditional to contemporary, so you can match your retail store equipment with your brand’s image. Remember to focus on putting aesthetically appealing racks in the front of the store, while sticking to practical, cost-effective models in less visible spaces.

3. Labelers and Marking Guns

If you do use printed tags for certain items, labelers and marking guns make it easy to modify prices to account for sales, damage, or even add a higher price if an error occurs. On non-clothing items where paper tagging is more difficult, labelers are easy, fast, and more importantly, budget-friendly.

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Mannequins sell an idea, not just an image.

A 2010 research project conducted at India’s Velammel College of Management and Computer Studies found that 57 percent of shoppers were compelled to examine a product in greater detail just because it was on a mannequin display. Thirty-eight percent of respondents revealed that mannequins even encouraged them to make a purchase.

One of the major objectives of advertising is to sell not just the product itself, but the idea that encompasses it. Ultimately, advertisers are selling a lifestyle. Unlike lifeless clothing on a shelf, mannequins allow consumers to visualize how the clothing looks in real life, and the attitude that comes with it.

To understand this idea better, consider this: customers who use fitting rooms are 71 percent more likely to purchase than those who browse the sales floor. What’s more, customers who use fitting rooms are estimated to buy twice the amount that the browser buys, according to Envision Retail, a London-based consultancy.

In other words, there’s a clear connection between a shopper’s likelihood to buy when she can envision herself in the product, whether it’s featured on a mannequin or in her own reflection in the dressing room mirror. What makes mannequins superior to dressing rooms, however, is that they are capable of presenting an idealized display of the clothing.

Audience is an important element of this concept that retailers shouldn’t neglect. For example, women’s clothing stores in Scandinavia were recently praised for featuring “normal-shaped,” size 12 mannequins in model lingerie. The U.K.’s Debenhams retail shop also gained national attention for size 16 mannequins on display. From the other end of the spectrum, Venezuela mannequins feature a dramatically enhanced bust, whittled waist, a perfectly sculpted backside and long, thin legs.

The New York Times published an article about this Venezuelan trend this past November, reporting that the mannequins were transformed to reflect the changing body shape of Venezuelan women due to the spike in plastic surgery in the region.

For retailers in the U.S., the key is deciding who your ideal buyer is and catering to his or her needs directly.

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Used Mannequins of all shapes and sizes

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