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Slatwall Panels for sale plus accessories and inserts

We offer a wide selection and take custom orders!

At Store Fixtures and Supplies we carry a vast variety of slatwall panels, slatwall panel colors and slatwall inserts. Our Slatwall panels come in 4′ by 8′ sheets with a wide variety of colors. We also have a wide variety of slatwall inserts such as aluminum inserts, vinyl inserts and moldings. Designing your store is no easy task, we strive to make this a simple process offering as many detailed options as possible so you can achieve the perfect look. After you choose the perfect Slatwall color and slatwall inserts take a look at our slatwall accessories for multiple display possibilities.

Slatwall panel inserts for sale in phoenix and onlineConsider adding Slatwall inserts!

Vinyl and Aluminum Slatwall inserts are a great addition to any Slatwall arrangement. They can add color to match a design theme or strength for heavier merchandise. Please visit our Slatwall inserts for more details.


Low-Pressure Melamine 4′ x 8′ Slatwall Panel Colors

Hard Maple
From $96

From $99

B Aluminum
From $112

Fine Oak
From $96

Swiss Almond
From $96

Trojan Black
From $96

Goshen White
From $96

Tornado Gray
From $96

Paint Ready

Paint Ready
From $85



Special Order 4′ x 8′ Slatwall Panel Colors



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