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Mannequins of all Shapes and Sizes

What retail store would be complete without a mannequin? Mannequins allow the customer to envision the product on themselves, increasing the likelihood of a sale. However, each mannequin serve a different purpose, which will depend on the retail store’s personal brand. The collection includes full body mannequins, pinnable dress forms, French dress forms, plastic torso forms, and Brazilian style pant forms. Nothing brings clothing to life quite like a mannequin.


Womans Full Body Mannequin RPFB-3

Full Body

Full Body Mannequins

Our Full Body Mannequins are an accentual part of any retail clothing store. We offer full body mannequins in male and female genders with a variety of unique differences such as full body gloss white mannequins, matte white mannequins with molded hair and arms, headless mannequins and skin tone full body mannequins with hair and without.
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French-Dress-Form-Ladies White

French Dress Forms

French & Jersey Dress Forms

Our French Dress forms are a wonderful way of displaying clothing or for tailoring needs. They have pinnable body and are constructed with a dense urethane foam. Our french dress forms are lightweight, with a tripod base and a neck-block. They can also be adjusted in height. We offer our french dress forms in cream color and black.
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Countertop half body forms

Countertop Forms

Countertop Form Mannequins

Our Countertop Torso Mannequins are useful form mannequins which are designed with comfort in mind. The customers who buy these types of mannequins use them for a variety of reasons but primarily use them on top of a tables.
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Men's Forms

Plastic Torso’s

Plastic Torso Form Mannequins

Our Plastic Torso Mannequins are form mannequins offered in two colors black and white. They are a great selection for hanging garments and clothing in unique ways around your retail store. These lightweight plastic form mannequins come in male and female plus in a variety of options such as Kids Forms, Torso Forms and Torso and Hips Forms.
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Pant Forms

Pant Forms

Brazilian Style Pant Forms

Our Brazilian Style Forms come in two options with a top and without. They are great for many clothing arrangements around your store. These Brazilian Style Forms are sold in flesh-tone colors and are completed with a chrome finish base with 2 stability stems. Our Brazilian style forms are sold with a removable top to complete a full body form or without removable top.
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Custom Order

Special Order Call 1-888-851-8199

Please call us with any special requests for mannequins. We have the ability to get great prices on just about any type of mannequin you desire.
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