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Economy Wood Showcases, Display Cases & Counters

5 colors, Multiple Sizes & Great Prices

Display Cases, Showcases & Counters
The wood economy showcase line we carry at Bargain Store Equipment are great for just about any sales floor and retail setting. These glass and wood display cases come in a variety of colors as well as sizes and have a durable melamine laminate surface. Wood economy display cases are ideal if you want to match a variety of store fixtures together such as Slatwall and Slatwall fixtures. This line of showcases match our 4 x 4 economy Slatwall panels and our Slatwall fixtures exactly. This line of showcases shown below consists of a full vision display cases, half vision display cases and jewelry display cases. There are two types of corner pieces to accompany these display cases and other additions such as cash registers, counters and wall units. Many of these items can be used as solo units but all can be combined for a dynamic showroom floor.

Order your display cases and counters unassembled to save on cost plus shipping or completely assembled to save on time.

Full Vision
From $290

Half Vision
From $385

Jewelry Case
From $385

Wrap Counter
From $250