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Garment & Clothing Racks

Our Garment racks and Clothing Racks are available in a large variety of types and styles. Clothes racks can fit the needs of retailers who need to stock and display thousands of garments at any given time, or they can meet the needs of those who simply need a convenient place to hang clothing for special events. Whether you need a simple portable option or large clothes racks that display clothing in multiple ways, we have something for you.


Single Bar Rolling Clothing Racks

Single Bar Clothing Racks are adjustable and portable with caster wheels attached. The purpose of adjustable clothing racks is to allow for easy transfer of placement in your retail store as well as display a variety of clothing sizes and lengths that don’t exactly match. They are great for show room or back room purposes.




Double Bar Clothing Rack

Double bar clothing racks allow you to display or store twice as much inventory in the same space thanks to the dual rails. These garment racks have adjustable top bars so you can easily have shirts on one side and dresses on the other. We also carry carry a variety of add ons to make different configurations possible.




Spiral & Round Clothing Racks

Portable Spiral and Round Clothing Racks are a great choice if you need temporary racks anywhere in your store, or if you like to change out your display placements frequently. They also show your garments in an elegant manner with a bit more style than a regular straight bar rack.




4 Way Clothing Racks

4 way clothing racks have four unique arms that hold tiered clothing or items. These racks will maximize your storage and display area and are viewable from just about any area. We offer a few different arm choices for the varied looks you might be trying to accomplish as well as extra arms for easy switch out configuration options.



2 Way Clothing Racks

2-way clothing racks have two unique arms to allow for tiered display of your items so they can be viewed from back and front. They are light weight and easily maneuverable with one arm siting higher than the other to add style to your show room floor.