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Display cases are a vital part of many retail stores such as jewelry stores, department stores, and electronics stores. You have an array of types such as wood display cases and glass display cases. In many cases, they hold and secure your best-selling items. This is why we carry such an extensive line of retail display cases, counters, and display shelving. We offer 7 different lines to be exact, each one has a unique feel and attraction. Our goal is to meet your needs in both style and budget. Your store display cases need to reflect the right image, and of course, they must show your merchandise to the very best advantage. Our Options include:


Premiere 24″ Deep Showcases

24″ Deep Wood Display Cases

Our Premiere Display Cases are unique in size with a depth of 24 inches. We offer this line of cases in a wide variety of shapes so can build any type of arrangement as you wish. They come in full vision, counter, register and corner piece. They also have adjustable metal legs for easy leveling in your stores. We offer them in 4 colors white, black, cherry and oak. Browse all options




Clearview Showcases

Clearview Glass Display Cases

The Clearview display case line is a great display case for a tight budget. They are very well built and come with multiple shelves for your merchandise. In addition to the case you can add LED lighting, mirror doors and a plunger lock. We have 4 different variations of this line full vision, wallcase, corner filler and corner case. You will no doubt be able to arrange the perfect setup with complete confidence in quality and security. Browse all options




Ciello & Bellisimo

Ciello & Bellisimo Display Cases

Ciello & Bellisimo Display Cases

This line of Display Cases are unique in that we offer them in two different frame styles, Ciello which has a square framing and Bellisimo which has a round or curved framing. We also offer this line of display cases in a wide variety of shapes so any design can be accomplished. This is our most popular line of display cases due to the quality, pricing and variety of types we offer. Options include Full Vision Display Cases, Half Vision Display Cases, Jewelry Display Cases, Wall Display Cases and Counters. Browse all options




CB Line Display Cases

Excess Display Cases

The CB showcases are traditional retail display cases that are ideal for showing any type of jewelry, collectible, or other items. These showcases are crafted from sturdy yet lightweight round aluminum frames and feature an elegant, modern look. This line is unique due to our selection of counter display cases. Browse all options






Glass Economy

Economy Glass Display Cases

Glass Economy Frameless Display Cases

The Glass Economy Display Cases come in a variety of types and are crafted from glass with wood accents. We offer our Glass Economy Display Cases in maple, walnut, cherry, black and white with black trim. Many display cases in this selection  come in a variety of sizes and all our frameless display cases are easy to assemble. Browse all options




Wood Economy

Economy Wood Display Cases

Economy Wood Display Cases

The Wood Economy display cases are predominantly wood with your choice of six different color options; maple, cherry, walnut, black, white with black trim and white with white trim. They are equipped with sturdy tempered safety glass shelving and a durable melamine laminate surface. Anodized aluminum door tracks glide the doors with ease and add an element of security. Browse all options




Wood Tiers

Wood Tiers Tables

Wood Tier Displays

Wood Tier Shelf Displays are a great addition to any retail store’s layout. The shelving is designed from small on top to large on bottom for a unique look and the ability to layout merchandise in a strategic form. We offer our Wood tiers in five different colors for any showroom design. Browse all options






LED Lighting

LED Lighting

LED lighting can be added to most all of our display case and showcase options. These lights are specifically designed for display cases with high lumens and engineering which cover a large area. There are a variety of options for LED lighting from rope type lighting to similar bar type lighting however none are specifically designed for maximum exposure like ours are. Trust us, we are professionals in the Display case industry. Browse all options