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Gridwall Panels, Stands & Accessories

There are multiple types of gridwall shelves, gridwall fixtures, and gridwall accessories that can help you display items to the best possible effect. Our customers often find that gridwall fixtures and accessories are some of the most cost effective ways to easily display large amounts of merchandise. Another benefit of gridwall is that you don’t need a large area to use it. Some of the most popular gridwall options are:


Gridwall Panels:

Grid panels slide easily onto the gridwall stands and gridwall bases, allowing multiple display options that can be customized. We offer a wide assortment of attachments such as baskets, shelves and hooks. They come in black, white and chrome and a variety of sizes.





Gridwall Stands

Stands can be attached to the wall or be freestanding. The multiple attachment points of gridwall material allows you to attach a lot of items closely together, or to spotlight just a few items for special impact.





Gridwall Shelves

These shelves come in a variety of configurations and can be used to store and display merchandise on walls or freestanding units. They are one of our top selling items due to there versatility, variety and ability to be used with slatwall .





Gridwall Baskets

Gridwall baskets are a popular choice for retailers who are selling large quantities of similar merchandise. For example, items can be grouped by color or style in easily attached baskets.





Gridwall Hooks

Gridwall hooks are easily attached to the paneling and shelving, allowing for additional storage and display space. They can be used in any retail setting and are primarily used with an assortment of hangers to display clothing.





 Gridwall Brackets

Gridwall Brackets and Gridwall Hardware is an assortment of attachments to maximize the assortment of retail merchandise. We carry a variety of gridwall attachments that are most common throughout the retail industry.





Regardless of which grid type you choose, you can get it in black, white, or chrome to perfectly match your decor and style. The sturdy construction of our metal welded shelves means that these are displays you won’t have to worry about!