At Store Fixtures and Supplies our goal is to sell great store supplies that coordinate with your unique products to ensure your store generates an attractive and organized presentation. Our supplies come in a variety of styles, sizes, and customizations that you can use to tailor the display of the products to your store’s image. Statistics from Point of Purchase Association International show that at least 60 percent of purchases are decided right in the store! This means that retail stores have a major impact on how customers will see a product and experience buying the said product from the store. Thus, a more attractive and organized presentation will increase sales! 

Plastic & Metal Hangers

We offer two types of clothing hangers, being plastic and metal hangers, With other options such as Shirt hangers, Pant hangers, and Suit hangers. The designs allow the clothes to be displayed in a durable and clean fashion on strong hangers. Some hangers allow for you to simply hang clothes on, while others have clips for two-piece outfits. It is not commonly known, but an orderly and matching set of hangers makes the retail clothing store look flawless. Hangers are common and a necessity for any clothing store, we are sure to have the hangers you need. It just wouldn’t be the same if you didn’t have hangers to display your product!

Garment and Clothing Racks

Clothing Racks and Garment Racks are used as the centerpieces for many clothing stores. With a well-placed clothing rack, you could see a vast increase in sales! Racks tend to be light and easy to move or place into high traffic areas to get the most views and used to display the newest clothing item or the latest trend. Racks are perfect to display shirts, jeans, or two-piece outfits. Our Garment racks come in a large variety of types or styles. Racks can be used to stock and display thousands of garments at any given time, or they can be used to simply place and hang clothing at a convenient place during a special or seasonal event. Regardless of the need, we have a rack for you.

Price Marking Guns

Price Markings Guns allow you to do exactly what you think, mark the price for an item you wish to sell. This is to the benefit of both the seller and the buyer as if the store’s inventory is correct, accurate, and in order, you will be able to relax and the customers will get the clear message of the price. A price tag on any object displays what is for sale and how much, allowing the customer to easily see what they want and how much for said item, thus increasing profitability and sales. Price Marking Guns are powerful aspects of any retail or clothing store, and should never be ignored or underestimated as they drive sales. Using one could give your store a unique touch, making your displays stand out, allowing a better image away from competitors. 

Acrylic Displays & Display Cases

Acrylic Displays are a powerful selling aspect, that can be used in many settings. From Jewelry Stores, Clothing Stores, Banks, Hobby Shops, and much more. Displays are great ways to increase sales! Displays will come in a plethora of different styles and shapes, allowing you to display many different products or items as you seek fit, while also giving you the opportunity to customize your store with a little more personality. We sell displays that can be attached to the walls, some that can be placed in high traffic areas such as tables or entry points, and even sell acrylics with locks for expensive inventory displays. 

Merchandise Bags

We offer various merchandise bags known in the retail industry as Low-Density bags, but to the common person as sales bags and customer bags. These bags can come in a variety of different styles, sizes, and colors. The colors we carry include Black, Dusty Rose, Red, Teal, Green, and White. Each of these bags is perfect for bagging specialty items or gifts that tend to be more on the expensive or small side, such as jewelry. These are great and necessary for almost any retail store if it’s clothing, jewelry, or a normal convenience store. 

3’ x 5’ Banners

Our three-foot by five-foot banners come in multiple different styles, though they are pre-made and instantly ready to ship! These can be powerful icons that are extremely useful. The most common use is to showcase hiring events, a special sale going on, or other things going on in or with your store! They are durable, strong, and well made. Meaning they can be placed both outside or inside your store, wherever you’d like them to be!

3’ x 10’ Banners

If the ‘3’ x 5’ Banner’ isn’t big enough for you, we also offer three-foot by ten-foot banners. These can be very similar to their predecessors, as they also come pre-made and ready to ship. These could be more useful in-store sales, brand new grand openings, changing from close to open, and many more ideas while adding more personality to your store. Great for outdoor or indoor use, as they are durable and strong, and will definitely get the job done!

Pegboard Hooks

The Pegboard Hooks are amazing ways to display and organize products in your store. They can be used both on the sales floor to display clothing or other merchandise or in storage rooms to help store merchandise. We offer them in a variety of different sizes to suit your needs, and to top it all off they come at an affordable, great, low price! We offer chrome hooks that come in three variations of gauge difference, ranging from light (1/8“), medium (3/16”), and heavy (1/4“). Not only do they come at different gauges, but they also come in different length sizes, serving as a terrific way to add to your retail store utilizing pegboard panels.