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Often times when you are setting up your own retail store you find that you are going to need a lot of different supplies to help in the displaying of your clothing, items, or other products. There are many different kinds of store supplies, such as Display Cases, Fixtures, basic hangers, and even mannequins that can all display the different products you desire.

But what isn’t discussed or thought of, would be the perfect supply for each exhibit or display of the product. You can always use the same display in different ways to save purchasing new supplies, but in order to really set your store apart from others and give it the best look possible, you’d want to ensure you have the right supply for every need.

Being Well Supplied Sets your Store up for Success

Each shopper comes to a store hoping to find great deals and is drawn back due to the unique feel and appearance of the store that sets it apart from every other competitor. To really put you ahead of the game and others, you’d need to be supplied with all the correct tools to ensure you can be ready for whatever may come to your store.

Being prepared for anything sets you up for success, ensuring that you will continue to earn more profit from your business, and continue to grow with the proper tools.

The Right Type for the Right Job

Each display, tool, or supply is meant to assist you in setting up your store correctly and ensure success on your end to earn more revenue. Many of these supplies can be used in different ways if you are on a budget, but if you already know what you need, each one is made for its own purpose.


Display Cases

Display Cases and Showcases are major ways to show the products your business has to the outside world. Display Cases are often used at the front doors of your store or of other stores, due to this they tend to be the first thing your customers will see, regardless if they are new or recurring guests. First impressions are crucial to inviting in customers, bringing in recurring clients, or even getting them to purchase your content in the first place.

If you’re looking for a great way to display your products on a table or stand, this would be a great way to do so.


As a store, you will have walls all around you, this may leave a lot of space that could have otherwise been used to display your products or even hold the area in which customers could grab and purchase the products. There are many different kinds of fixture options that we offer, some being hardware that is drilled into the walls for hanging multiple products or articles of clothing, while others are full-on slat walls that can be used to place many hooks on, or to place cloths on the bottom of.

These fixtures are useful in the way that you can customize them to your full advantage, giving you the ability to change them at will to suit what you need from the fixture.

Grid walls

Gridwalls are fixtures that help you create a great visual impact on the room by utilizing all the space on a desired section of the wall and allow you to hang or put different products on to them. Grid walls come with multiple sections, hooks, and attachments that allow you to easily decorate the area it is placed on with several different items that you can, anywhere from clothes, to bags, and possibly even toys.

This type of fixture is great for changing up the wall design, giving you the ability to make use of the often space that is on the wall, but now you can bring more customization and decoration to it, displaying clothes and other products.


As with any Retail Store or Clothing Warehouse, you will find that you always need the proper tools for the job so that you can properly display your product. The customer will be impressed by the clean look, and you will earn more sales through a well-established sales floor. Here, we offer four different styles of hangers that will be able to suit whatever the customer is looking for to have in their store, we can bring you metallic, plastic, wood, and they come in different designs allow you a wide range of options when it comes to supplies for displaying clothing.

No store is complete without the essentials of a Hanger, and we offer many different kinds that are sure to be needed in your retail store.

Mounts and Shelving

Mounts and Shelving are some of the most important parts of the retail store that are a basic necessity besides the most common hangers. We offer mounts and shelving in different styles, from hanging shelves to wall shelves, gondola shelving, and different mounts that attach to your store’s wall with much more in stock.

Shelving and displays like these are incredibly important to your store’s sales floor, as they set an impression on your customer or client. Thus having the most appealing or unique sales floor would be sure to get more customers in.


Racks are the easiest way to merchandise and show off your clothing products with the mix of racks and hangers. These clothing racks, or garment racks, come in different styles and sizes, that allow you to have walls of clothes to make aisles, or just give another pit stop for customers to view clothing options.

The great part about racks is that they are inexpensive, meaning they aren’t as expensive as some of these other tools and supplies may be! Plus, when you think about it, racks are inexpensive compared to the use of how much product you can display and the many different ways you can use them to your advantage.


Mannequins can be some of your best tools for the sales floor. They allow you to display clothing on a pretend person so the viewer, or customer, could get a general idea of what they are getting when they purchase your clothing products.

Here, we offer a plethora of different styles and types of mannequins, each comes with different faces, body types, skin color, and pose. This allows for you to fully customize your store floor with each section or area having its style of the mannequin, or just in case you have certain target areas for more sporty or more relaxed clothing options. Each mannequin offers a different look and style, giving a lot of personalization to your store’s sale floors, and giving you the versatility to change it as you seek.

With most retail stores owning a very small amount of space or downsizing their once big outlets to small sizes, the use of maximizing the given space in your store has become a high priority for many owners. The reason many are downsizing their stores to smaller locations or outlets is to allow other stores to come into space, while also showing that they can earn more money by paying less rent or utilities for their space. When a company’s goal is to make money, they also look to see what’s the best way to save money as a number one.

Since outlets are downsized, giving them less room to hold stock or display products, it has become very important to use all the space given to its full potential. You can see this in the way that stores in a mall would, by hanging items on the walls, having display containers, having racks, and many more options. From studying and viewing other stores, you can easily see some key components that will help in using the little space to its full potential at your store. Here are some great ways to maximize space in a retail store.

Invest Into Wall Shelves

When you only have racks or tables for display, you’re leaving a lot of space on the walls empty that could be utilized in other ways to display more stock. This can be done by hanging displays, logos, products, items. Even having racks or shelves attached to the wall can hold your product for you and allow customers to see a display of the product.

The walls are a part of the building and space that is paid for via the rent, meaning the walls are for you to utilize for whatever your needs are. Many stores do this by having shelves that customers can take from or have displays hung up for them to see a new product. This is one way of maximizing space, as you are using the walls and not just the floor, meaning you are using the whole space given to you.

The Importance Of Lighting

The way your store is lit up can play a big impact on sales and the way you maximize space. This can be done by lighting key areas of your store to draw more attention from your customers. Think about it this way, if an area is dark, you’d be less likely to check out the products in the area because you would see it that well, but if it’s lit up properly, your eyes would instantly go to it first.

This displays the importance of lighting! The better your store is lit, the more potential customers you will draw in. That is often why malls and shopping strips are lit up to the best of their abilities and display many neon signs or other signage to get customers to stop by and visit.

You could also use the lighting as a way of direction. To have customers walk through the entire store guided by lighting so that way they view every product with the potential of increasing your sales and what the customers will see.

Using Color To Your Advantage

Color is a very important part of maximizing your store’s space. Studies have found that using warmer, lighter colors will have a drastic increase in the thought behind how large the store is versus the actual size of the store. Not only can color influence the thought process on size, but it can also influence the customer’s desire to enter the store or even purchase the product.

Warm colors, like yellows, light browns, whites, and others increase the opinion on the size of the store, meaning you could make the store appear drastically bigger with the use of these colors when in reality you have a small outlet that is the same as many other stores. These colors add a sense of depth, meaning the store would seem larger and nicer than what it is.

Along with the size, color influences purchases! Ever wonder why the majority of fast food places use colors like yellow or red? It’s because those colors play an influence on your hunger, making you more willing to eat or consume food, meaning that a customer would be more likely to stop and partake in the product. The same can be done for a retail store to help influence a customer’s purchase of a product.

Finding Better Ways To Display Stock

While display shelves and tables are great, you can only use so many of them before the floor gets crowded or you have shelves lined on every wall at every location. You want to add some variety to it, and this variety can come from different and better ways of displaying stock.

Rather than having just tables or shelves, invest in some hanging racks, or rolling racks, that can be used to display clothes or other products, like up a standing shelving unit right next to a wall shelf, maximizing the number of shelves and space it has right there. The rolling racks can be put and moved everywhere to allow customers the ability to move through your store without a hassle, while also displaying some great product in a hanging fashion rather than a folded one.

There are many ways you can display products to be sold, more than just the traditional table and shelf. Investing into these ideas can help save space or maximize it by giving you the ability to display more products at more locations on different racks or displays.

Give The Customer A Great And Organized Experience

Finally, the organization of a store is a big way to make the most of your space. If you have a messy store, customers will walk in, see it, and instantly think there isn’t enough space to walk around and view the product. Imagine walking in to see the doorway blocked by two rolling racks, right next to some tables with display shelves in the back. The customers would have to fight their way through the racks and tables just to get around to the display shelves.

What this means, is that you should have an organized layout for your floor plan that will give your customers the best and most organized experience when walking in and out of your store. No one wants to see a mess, especially when they walk into a store to buy something. That is an instant turn-off and will make them seek products elsewhere.

Organizing a store with a proper floor plan will make the store seem bigger while also giving customers a logical way to find all the different products they are looking for, rather than having pants and shirts mixed, or jewelry under some hats. The idea is to have an organized layout, that will provide a way to display all kinds of stock at select locations in an ideal and logical format. When this is achieved, it will seem as if your store has a lot to offer while having a lot of space when it is a small outlet.

At Store Fixtures and Supplies our goal is to sell great store supplies that coordinate with your unique products to ensure your store generates an attractive and organized presentation. Our supplies come in a variety of styles, sizes, and customizations that you can use to tailor the display of the products to your store’s image. Statistics from Point of Purchase Association International show that at least 60 percent of purchases are decided right in the store! This means that retail stores have a major impact on how customers will see a product and experience buying the said product from the store. Thus, a more attractive and organized presentation will increase sales! 

Plastic & Metal Hangers

We offer two types of clothing hangers, being plastic and metal hangers, With other options such as Shirt hangers, Pant hangers, and Suit hangers. The designs allow the clothes to be displayed in a durable and clean fashion on strong hangers. Some hangers allow for you to simply hang clothes on, while others have clips for two-piece outfits. It is not commonly known, but an orderly and matching set of hangers makes the retail clothing store look flawless. Hangers are common and a necessity for any clothing store, we are sure to have the hangers you need. It just wouldn’t be the same if you didn’t have hangers to display your product!

Garment and Clothing Racks

Clothing Racks and Garment Racks are used as the centerpieces for many clothing stores. With a well-placed clothing rack, you could see a vast increase in sales! Racks tend to be light and easy to move or place into high traffic areas to get the most views and used to display the newest clothing item or the latest trend. Racks are perfect to display shirts, jeans, or two-piece outfits. Our Garment racks come in a large variety of types or styles. Racks can be used to stock and display thousands of garments at any given time, or they can be used to simply place and hang clothing at a convenient place during a special or seasonal event. Regardless of the need, we have a rack for you.

Price Marking Guns

Price Markings Guns allow you to do exactly what you think, mark the price for an item you wish to sell. This is to the benefit of both the seller and the buyer as if the store’s inventory is correct, accurate, and in order, you will be able to relax and the customers will get the clear message of the price. A price tag on any object displays what is for sale and how much, allowing the customer to easily see what they want and how much for said item, thus increasing profitability and sales. Price Marking Guns are powerful aspects of any retail or clothing store, and should never be ignored or underestimated as they drive sales. Using one could give your store a unique touch, making your displays stand out, allowing a better image away from competitors. 

Acrylic Displays & Display Cases

Acrylic Displays are a powerful selling aspect, that can be used in many settings. From Jewelry Stores, Clothing Stores, Banks, Hobby Shops, and much more. Displays are great ways to increase sales! Displays will come in a plethora of different styles and shapes, allowing you to display many different products or items as you seek fit, while also giving you the opportunity to customize your store with a little more personality. We sell displays that can be attached to the walls, some that can be placed in high traffic areas such as tables or entry points, and even sell acrylics with locks for expensive inventory displays. 

Merchandise Bags

We offer various merchandise bags known in the retail industry as Low-Density bags, but to the common person as sales bags and customer bags. These bags can come in a variety of different styles, sizes, and colors. The colors we carry include Black, Dusty Rose, Red, Teal, Green, and White. Each of these bags is perfect for bagging specialty items or gifts that tend to be more on the expensive or small side, such as jewelry. These are great and necessary for almost any retail store if it’s clothing, jewelry, or a normal convenience store. 

3’ x 5’ Banners

Our three-foot by five-foot banners come in multiple different styles, though they are pre-made and instantly ready to ship! These can be powerful icons that are extremely useful. The most common use is to showcase hiring events, a special sale going on, or other things going on in or with your store! They are durable, strong, and well made. Meaning they can be placed both outside or inside your store, wherever you’d like them to be!

3’ x 10’ Banners

If the ‘3’ x 5’ Banner’ isn’t big enough for you, we also offer three-foot by ten-foot banners. These can be very similar to their predecessors, as they also come pre-made and ready to ship. These could be more useful in-store sales, brand new grand openings, changing from close to open, and many more ideas while adding more personality to your store. Great for outdoor or indoor use, as they are durable and strong, and will definitely get the job done!

Pegboard Hooks

The Pegboard Hooks are amazing ways to display and organize products in your store. They can be used both on the sales floor to display clothing or other merchandise or in storage rooms to help store merchandise. We offer them in a variety of different sizes to suit your needs, and to top it all off they come at an affordable, great, low price! We offer chrome hooks that come in three variations of gauge difference, ranging from light (1/8“), medium (3/16”), and heavy (1/4“). Not only do they come at different gauges, but they also come in different length sizes, serving as a terrific way to add to your retail store utilizing pegboard panels. 


All clothing stores require a way to display their product for the customer to view. This is where mannequins come into play. No store would be able to display the style of an outfit or bring the desire to the customer without a mannequin. Having mannequins would increase the chance of a sale, as it allows the consumer to view the clothing on a less flat surface. It increases sales and allows you to display clothes with more options and ways to show to the incoming shoppers.

Though it should be noted that there are many different kinds of mannequins, each serves its own purpose and is used differently depending on the image the store is seeking to achieve. The different styles of mannequins include Full Body form, Pinnable Dress form, French Dress form, Plastic Torso form, and Brazillian Style Pants form. Each mannequin offers a unique approach to designing and altering your store to give the customer a variety of options and looks. 

Full Body Mannequins

Full body mannequins are an important aspect of any retail store that sells clothing. Mannequins can come in both male and female forms while also coming in different colors or styles. Some of these include full-body gloss white, matte white, headless, and skin tone body with or without hair. This allows for a large range of options when ordering and using the mannequins within your store. Regardless if it’s a sports retail store, dress store, or casual clothing store. 

Full body mannequins can offer an amazing flair to your retail location, and come in a variety of forms or styles. Some of these options include headless mannequins that depict a form of movement, such as running. While others can include a head with face and hair standing in a certain pose. Each allows for different emphasis on the desired look the store is going for. No matter what type of retail or clothing store, you can find the mannequin that suits your store’s needs. 

Jersey and French Dress Forms

Jersey Forms and French Dress Form mannequins come with a built tripod stand while displaying the upper body with a neck block. This allows a great way to display clothes or a wonderful way for tailors to continue to work on the clothes while one a model. These French Dress forms are often lightweight and can be adjusted to any height along the tripod base, coming in a cream-like color or solid black. You could also just purchase the base stand if that is all you require. 

While the French Dress mannequin doesn’t offer a lower body, you can alter it to be taller and add clothes onto it due to the adjusted height. Now, this wouldn’t be suitable for pants. The customer would be able to equip the figure with a dress and alter the height so it would not drag onto the ground and display the full view of the dress. 

Countertop Form 

Countertop forms are as simple as their name, they are mannequins designed for being place on a countertop. They are extremely useful, easy to use, and are designed with comfort in mind. Customers who purchase these kinds of mannequins can use them for a variety of purposes but are often placed upon tables and counters. 

Usually consisting of just the upper torso, this kind of mannequin is used for shirts or clothes on the upper body. Allowing the customer to easily show a variety of clothes with just the upper body in mind. They can come in white, gray, and full black colors, but no skin tone. The main plan of the countertop is to give the customer the ability to display the desired look with ease and place it near eye level for incoming shoppers. 

Plastic Torso Form 

Plastic Torso mannequins can be a great way to help you advertise clothing within your retail store. They only come in two colors, White and Black. But they offer a variety of styles, coming from a male form, female form, and a child form along with a mix of just torso and torso with hips. This allows you to display a wide range of clothes in multiple sections, giving you the versatility to design the store however you seek fit.

Plastic Torso forms can be hung around the store rather than being on a stand needing to be set up on a counter or in a large space like other mannequins. This allows a magnificent way to display clothes or garments around the store in a unique hanging fashion. They are lightweight, easy to set up and use, and are a great look to any clothing store. 

Brazillian Style Pants form

Brazillian Style Pants Forms puts the emphasis on the legs while allowing you to display the upper body if you desire to. They come in two major options, one with a top and one without a top. They only come in one color, a flesh color tone complete with an attached chrome base for stability when standing the mannequin around the store. 

The Brazillian style pants form is solid but comes with a removable top when purchased, allowing the user to customize it to show just the legs or the full body. This allows for variety and versatility when designing the store, giving the customer much more options than a standard or countertop mannequin. They can be used in multiple settings and styles, giving the customer a wide range of options to work with and alter their store. 

Special Order

If you couldn’t find the Mannequin you were looking for, or have a special request for a special order mannequin, you could call us at 1-888-851-8199. We seek to offer a process of getting you a great price on just about any mannequin you desire, along with whatever specifics you may have. We seek to serve the retail industry with new and used store supplies and equipment since 1989. 

All types of retail display cases, such as glass display cases, will grow the sales in your store. From the moment a product user walks through the doors of your retail establishment, impressions are made, and perceptions are formed. Most prominent retail outlets are successful not just for the value of their products but as a result of their excellent display patterns.

The main aim of every retail establishment is the advertisement of goods in ways that it appeals to the senses of customers. Regardless of the kind of establishment and the type of goods, beautifully structured arrangements of commodities are a pathway to success. 

You can improve your overall business strategy with glass display cases. Possibly ones that are 5-foot-deep by 2 feet deep with tempered glass and a strong frame. Here are many reasons why they are essential for your retail arrangements.

The art of first impression matters

As stated initially, the impressions created on your customers by your store help shape and influence their perception and thoughts regarding your store. The high value of products in your store may not count to shoppers if they are presented like low value items.

Messy, disarranged products present you as an amateur and are very unprofessional. In addition to this, customers may wonder if the products possess quality at all because enough time is not allocated to their proper arrangement.

Excellent display cases create room for mindful ocular sales of goods that promptly attach a higher level of importance to stock.

Order and management is easier when using display cases

Resource control poses a great challenge to shop owners most of the time. Smaller articles in particular that are usually arduous to monitor. Glass display cases permit the skillful management of inventory while displaying products.

Yearly inventory, which usually requires greater expenditures in labor than capital, becomes simpler and cost-effective as display cases can be structured to house most or all articles in the shop.

Amplified security

Secured display cases provide a safe space for stock. Over a long period, most jewelers have used jewelry display cases in monitoring the most valuables of their stock. This may be imitated if there are articles of higher values with needs for extra security; although, there isn’t any reason to affix heavy fee tags to your goods which might make them demand lots of security.

Smallgoods, which are less costlier, portable, and easy to hide in the palms should be kept in display cases with locks. Also display cases for collectibles as they stand greater chances of being stolen than the pricier, more noticeable items. Keeping them in a secured place gives out a message that you are not accessible to thieves.

Increment in sales

Neatly arranged counter display cases enable customers to examine the goods on display thoroughly. Your customers will be drawn to an organized presentation. Also, most display cases get to be positioned in places in the shop, like the counter, that is often supervised by personnel; this enables the availability of someone who provides answers to numerous questions customers may have.

Improved organization.

It is undeniable that there are many goods to guard in a retail establishment, not minding how big the business may be. As earlier stated, glass display cases house items in the store; it should also be noted that because of this, the security is piqued as any item that leaves its spot is spotted. Furthermore, since tempered glasses are used in the making of glass cases, fortifying them, the goods within it are safer from thievery than they would on the shelf. Most disorganized stores are so because, the shop is turned upside down while trying to find a product needed by the customer. The use of display glasses eases the job of browsing roughly through goods for both buyer and seller.

Easy advertisement of wares.

Retail display cases function not only as mere housing blocks of items. They aid and advertise the goods they house, which explains the emphasis laid on proper, neat arrangement of goods on cases to attract customers’ attention without persuasion from sales personnel.

It is preferable when wood display cases are employed to exhibit wares instead of dumping on shelves or tables, as it encourages innovative product setup, makes them appealing, and enables them to sell themselves. The use of a wall display case could satisfy two needs: the housing of goods and decoration for the store.

They don’t go out of style.

Retail store outlets, whether small, medium, or large scale, with good display pattern, you would agree, never goes out of style. They keep their store appearance up to date, which always invites customers in. If financial profitability is a goal, try updating your looks, especially in terms of goods presentation. It is not just the goods for sale or its qualities, it is also about the layout adopted in the outlet. Customers would naturally prefer fancy, neatly organized shops to outlets kept in disarray.

Now is a better time to keep a woke appearance

If deploying the idea of display cases is not appealing or seems outdated, it is good and recommended that you seek out readily found alternatives. With the availability of numerous substances and the option of building customized display cases for goods in your outlets, suitable cases can enhance the looks of your outlets and freshly satisfy the eyes and the needs of your customer.

The visual and useful impact of beautifully crafted display glasses in retail stores cannot be overly de-emphasized and when you realize this, we are available to help provide you with high-grade business solutions built to fit the requirements of your enterprise. 

The main aim of all retail establishments is to maintain the sales of as many products as possible through the high value of the products, application of successful market campaigns, effective consumer relationship probably through media platforms, and useful display patterns. These above have helped in ensuring that customers remain drawn to the business, both new and returning customers.

It is indeed the commodities sold in an outlet that draws the buyer but it is not to be disregarded. Nevertheless, the general outlook of the store and its inner setup or layout plays an important function in forming the perception of the general public. According to a study in 2014 by the International Journal of Scientific and Technology Research, has proven that the environment, structure, and strategy of a business are top constituents affecting customers’ views of a business. Such research shows the importance of good architects or contractors in creating a functional and appealing space that enables buyers to feel at home while browsing and purchasing their choice.

One compulsory item of sophistication which adds glamour to your outlet without stress and impact positively is the glass display case. Its presence in the outlet assures more profitability.

Glass display cases are rewarding components of the outlet that promises to maintain their model appearance as long as they are kept in shape, which is very easy to do as the basic requirement is to frequently clean them.

If you are looking for a new and inexpensive way to configure your store displays, one option you should consider is gridwall. This fixture type is often one of the most cost-effective ways to display a large amount of merchandise in a small space. If you aren’t familiar with the product or haven’t decided yet if it is right for you, check out these four BIG benefits of the gridwall display system. A Great Solution for Small Accessories – With a gridwall shelving system you can either hang small items from hooks on the wall, or you can utilize baskets for further organization. You can also assemble them as freestanding units for placement anywhere in your store. Improves Store Security – Since the gridwall panels themselves are see through, you can use them in the middle of your floor space without sacrificing visibility. You’ll have a much more secure area, and your facility will be less appealing to potential shoplifters which can save you money too. Lightweight – Moving around grindwall is no problem since the walls are lightweight and portable. In addition to using the gridwall for permanent fixtures, it makes an excellent choice for temporary or “pop-up” retail locations. Highly Configurable – The options truly are endless. You can try different configurations to find the setup that is perfect for your retail space. You’ll find no other fixture product that offers as many configuration choices as gridwall. Gridwall displays are clearly an excellent display solution for many businesses, both small and large. Adding this product to your location gives you superior flexibility and can improve the overall look and organization of your retail space. Check out the many gridwall products and accessories we have available at Store Fixtures and Supplies or contact us for answers to all your questions. We can’t wait to help you take your displays to the next level.


Store Fixtures will Improve Shopper Experience!

Recent studies have shown that retail sales have been on a steady incline for the past few months, even exceeding the expectations of financial experts at Thomson Reuters Corporation. But any retailer who’s been in the business long enough knows that this is actually an unusual turn of events. What’s more, the summer months to come are often even less certain. Retail store success is going to all come down to one thing: appeal.


With all of the many retail selections in-store and online, customers often report feeling bombarded by products and information. Since many customers look to shopping as a form of stress relief, you can increase your appeal by just keeping it simple. For example, opt for chic, single-bar clothing racks with basic metal hangers. A modern glass display case adds an instant luxury effect while maintaining an organized, shopper-friendly environment.

Feng Shui

Feng Shui (pronounced “fung sh-way”) is a Chinese philosophical principle of creating harmony and positive energy by arranging your environment a certain way. The practice is used often in American homes, but many retail stores apply it as well. Walk into your own store and find what grabs your attention—this is where Feng Shui says the energy flows. The first thing the customer sees should be intriguing without being overly aggressive, like a charming wood tier display. It could even be something decorative like a painting or a wall-based, indoor waterfall.


Along the same lines as Feng Shui, part of creating an appealing shopping environment is setting the “mood.” Avoid retail taboos like facing a mirror directly at the front entrance, installing fluorescent ceiling lighting, aligning the back door with the front door, and giving the room a harsh or otherwise unpleasant smell. Since lighting can be one of the biggest influencers of mood, consider lining your display cases with white LED lighting while keeping the rest of the room dimly lit. This keeps shoppers focused on the product without all of the “background noise” in the way.

Hangers, Shelves, Mannequins or?

The main objective of a clothing retailer is to present their products in such a way that the customer can practically envision each item in his or her own wardrobe. There are several different ways to get creative with clothing displays, but the three main clothing-related retail store supplies are: hangers, shelves, and mannequins.

An outfit you currently have hidden on the shelf might be most appealing on a mannequin, while a pair of pants on a hanger in the back of your store might look neater when folded on a shelf up front. The point is: every product is different and should be displayed according to its unique qualities. Here are some rules of thumb to keep in mind when buying store supplies for sale.


These classic store supplies come with the unique advantage of highlighting an item’s design without distracting with its shape. Unlike clothing focused primarily on fit, clothing suited for hangers includes loose dresses, graphic tops, patterned clothing, and any item with a central image or word. If design is the clothing item’s most attractive quality, hangers are the best store supplies for your display.


Pants– and especially jeans– are most commonly displayed on a shelves as opposed to a hanger, a mannequin, or other retail store supplies. Why is this? Pants are designed largely for utility, with distinguished features taking up only a small portion of the item. Namely: the back pockets and front zipper region. Customers will feel a lot less overwhelmed when they can clearly see the most important feature of a pair of pants without having to sort through bulky material.


Of all the store supplies for sale, mannequins are the most versatile. When you’re dealing with clothing that’s all about the fit, a mannequin can allow shoppers to easily imagine themselves in your merchandise. In addition to specially-fitted clothing, mannequins can also make otherwise plain apparel look lively and fresh. For example, a solid green dress might look like just another dress on the hanger, but display it on the mannequin with the right accessories and you’ve got a whole new look.

The proper aesthetics for a clothing display requires extra attention to special features 
The right shelving plays a big role in your stores success

Shelves play a bigger role than you think in making a sale. Though it might seem relatively standard and unimportant, retail store shelving is part of your product’s presentation. Additionally, shelves help retail store owners out by enhancing organization and reducing maintenance. If you want to make the most out of essential store shelving, Bargain Store Equipment recommends the following strategies.

Create a pathway

One of the best benefits of Gondola Shelving is that it’s free-standing, which means it can be maneuvered according to the unique layout of your store. To encourage customers to explore your store for as long as possible, use Gondola Shelving to guide them through a specific pathway. For example, you can create a comfortable curving path by shifting one Gondola Shelving unit to the right, and then create a soft turn ahead of the unit with another display curving to the left.

Decorate with wall shelving

One unique strategy for maximizing space and enhancing the look of your store is installing wall shelving a few feet down from the ceiling. You can store more expensive or specialized merchandise on these wall shelves, or simply add a few decorative items relative to your store’s brand. For example, an antique store might display some interesting vintage toys or signs, while a boutique might decorate with fake flowers and colorful standalone letters.

Coordinate wall and standalone shelving

Many retail stores will use both wall shelving and standalone shelving, which offers an excellent opportunity to coordinate these two distinct fixtures. For example, you can install a few wall shelves above a Gondola shelving unit to add extra height. Just make sure to alter color, spacing, and alignment as necessary for a uniform look. Another interesting way to coordinate shelving is by choosing complementary colors: one for each structure. Since Gondola shelving comes in a lighter hue, you can install black wall shelving for an eye-catching contrast.

Shelves change the way customers see your product, so choose your shelving unit carefully
Tips can make a difference

The difference between a bland gridwall panel and an attention-grabbing gridwall panel display is a little creativity. The main purpose of using gridwalls is to maximize space in a cost-effective way. But many retailers aren’t taking full advantage of the structure’s full potential. To attract more customers with your gridwall, apply the following advice from experts at Bargan Store Equipment.

Separate Hanging and Shelving Equipment

Although it might sound like a good idea to balance out your design by including a mix of shelves, baskets and hangers on each panel, this strategy can actually limit the storage efficiency and overall aesthetic appeal of the display. The best way to stay organized is to carefully segregate your gridwall accessories.

For example, hanging accessories should be placed on just one panel, one on top of another or side by side if you have the space. Shelves usually have to span two gridwall panels, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still organize them. For example, shelves can be installed on the top half of the device and baskets on the bottom half.

Get Colorful

With more traditional displays, clothing is often grouped by its category. For example, all t-shirts will be on one shelf, while all sweaters will be on the same rack. Since a grid panel comes with more versatility, experiment with a few non-traditional tactics instead. You can group all of the yellow clothing items from your store with the gridwall, or devote each of your gridwall accessories to its own color.

Change Shape

Part of the appeal of gridwall panels is their ability to turn into any structure you want. Installing grid panels flat against the wall is probably the most common use, but there are other interesting ways to use these structures too. For example, you can make a standalone square by connecting four gridwall panels, and use it as a display for accessories, bathing suits, or other smaller merchandise. You can also create a sort of zig-zag pattern with grid panels for a look that’s pleasing to the eye.

Gridwall might look basic, but they offer more than meets the eye.