The right shelving plays a big role in your stores success

Shelves play a bigger role than you think in making a sale. Though it might seem relatively standard and unimportant, retail store shelving is part of your product’s presentation. Additionally, shelves help retail store owners out by enhancing organization and reducing maintenance. If you want to make the most out of essential store shelving, Bargain Store Equipment recommends the following strategies.

Create a pathway

One of the best benefits of Gondola Shelving is that it’s free-standing, which means it can be maneuvered according to the unique layout of your store. To encourage customers to explore your store for as long as possible, use Gondola Shelving to guide them through a specific pathway. For example, you can create a comfortable curving path by shifting one Gondola Shelving unit to the right, and then create a soft turn ahead of the unit with another display curving to the left.

Decorate with wall shelving

One unique strategy for maximizing space and enhancing the look of your store is installing wall shelving a few feet down from the ceiling. You can store more expensive or specialized merchandise on these wall shelves, or simply add a few decorative items relative to your store’s brand. For example, an antique store might display some interesting vintage toys or signs, while a boutique might decorate with fake flowers and colorful standalone letters.

Coordinate wall and standalone shelving

Many retail stores will use both wall shelving and standalone shelving, which offers an excellent opportunity to coordinate these two distinct fixtures. For example, you can install a few wall shelves above a Gondola shelving unit to add extra height. Just make sure to alter color, spacing, and alignment as necessary for a uniform look. Another interesting way to coordinate shelving is by choosing complementary colors: one for each structure. Since Gondola shelving comes in a lighter hue, you can install black wall shelving for an eye-catching contrast.

Shelves change the way customers see your product,

so choose your shelving unit carefully


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