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Store Supplies for Retail Stores!

At least 60 percent of purchases are decided right in the store, according to the Point of Purchase Association International. Retail store supplies have a major influence on how your customers see or experience your product, and retail store supplies help create an attractive, organized presentation. At Bargain Store Equipment, we sell store supplies that fit and coordinate with your unique products. Our retail store supplies come in a variety of styles, sizes and customizations, so you can tailor your product display to your company’s overall image.


Plastic & Metal Hangers


Plastic & Metal Hangers

We have a variety of plastic hangers from plastic suit hangers to skirt hangers and metal hangers for adult, children and medium sized clothing. Some you simply hang cloths on and some have clips for 2 piece outfits. It is not always common knowledge, but an orderly and matching set of hangers can make any clothing store look incredible.



Garment & Clothing Rack

Clothing Racks

Garment & Clothing Racks

Clothing Racks are centerpieces for many retail sales floors. In fact a well placed clothing rack can mean the difference between tons of sales and no sales. They are light and can easily be maneuvered into high traffic areas when displaying the newest trends. Perfect for t-shirts, jeans or classic two-piece suits and khaki combos. We sell many different types so look over your inventory and invest wisely on what will work best for your store.



Labeler & Marking Guns

Marking Guns

Price Marking Guns

When your stores inventory is prices accurately and orderly you will not only gain piece of mind but will entice your customers to buy. A well thought out price plan combined with a well placed price tag can make your sales soar. It is an important aspect of any retail business and should never be underestimated. Those subtle finishing touches give your store a unique edge and can make your inventory stand out from your competitors.



Acrylic Displays & Holders

Displays & Holders

Acrylic Displays & Display Cases

For practicality, style, or a little bit of both, acrylic displays can help you sell, sell, sell. They come in many shapes and sizes for any message or merchandise you wish to display. We carry acrylic displays that can hang on walls in entry or ones that can be placed on high traffic tables to display a message. We even sell acrylic displays with locks for sales counters to display inventory.