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Metal Hangers, Plastic Hangers & Wooden Hangers

We offer 2 types of clothing hangers at the moment, plastic hangers and metal hangers. From shirt and pant hangers to suit hangers. They are designed for specific clothing types to be durable and extremely strong for that type of garment.


Plastic Hangers

Our plastic hangers run the gamut from the basic ultra lightweight hanger to the heavy duty plastic hanger that is able to hold just as much as a wooden or wire hanger. Plastic hangers are available in basic colors like white and black as well as other unique colors to suit your needs.




 Metal Hangers

Metal hangers are among the most basic hanger types we carry, and they have the advantage of taking up the least amount of space. Wire hangers And Metal Hangers are quite easy to manipulate and are typically good choices for basics like shirts and tees, but with our line of metal hangers you have a variety of options.





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Wooden Hangers: Our wooden hangers are created from several different high quality woods such as cedar. These are the hangers you might prefer when presenting an elegant appearance is especially vital. Wooden hangers can typically hold the heaviest of garments.