Black, White, and Chrome Six Ball Waterfall Slatwall Accessory

The Six Ball Waterfall Slatwall Accessory is a metal hanger that could be used in walk-in closets or normal wardrobes. It is 16 inches long and allows the clothes on it to cascade down, waterfall style, hence its name. It is to be used with Slatwall panels and is perfect for storing clothing items such as winter jackets, suits, or other clothing items suitable for hanging. It is also quite affordable as its price ranges from $3.o5 to $3.66.

Black, White, and Chrome Five Hook Waterfall Slatwall Accessory

This Five Hook Waterfall Slatwall Accessory is also a metal hanger with metal square tubes. These metal square tubes are used to hang the clothing items which are kept on them. It has hooks that are spaced out all over the metal ring and the clothes are hung on these rings. That is, one piece of clothing is to be hung on one metal ring. This metal hanger is especially nice because it allows individuals to be able to organize their jackets, suits, or any other item which they decide to hang on it. It comes in colors black, white, and chrome and is 16 inches long. It is also budget-friendly as its cost ranges from $3.35 to $3. 96.

Black, White, and Chrome 12″ Straight Arm Slatwall Accessory   

This is a Straight Arm-Styled Metal Hanger that is often used with Slatwall panels. It comes in the colors chrome, white and black as well. There are metal balls evenly spread out on the hanger, which ensures that this metal hanger can accommodate purses, suits, jackets, and other pieces of fashion items. This particular metal hanger is especially efficient as it does not take up a lot of space in homes and can be erected easily. It is also quite affordable for the quality of the material it is being made with. The price of acquiring the straight arm Slatwall accessory ranges from $2.44 to $3.05.

Black, White, and Chrome Slatwall Hat Display

As the name implies, this product is a Slatwall accessory that serves as a hat display. Instead of having to keep hats lying around every corner of your home, this hat display helps to store your hats in a fashionably organized manner. Our Slatwall Hat Displays are available in colors black, white and chrome. It is also not a heavy accessory as it weighs 0.7 lbs. Its price ranges from $2.44 to $2.74.

Black, White, and Chrome Slatwall Shelf Brackets

Slatwall Shelving Brackets is used with Slatwall panels to hold up shelves, wood or glass. They are made out of metal and are available in 5 different length sizes. These sizes are 8 inches, 10 inches, 12 inches, 14 inches, and 16 inches. The available colors for this product are white, black, and chrome. These shelf brackets are used to hold up shelves while still adding aesthetics to the look of your home.

Slatwall Hooks ¼” and 0.177″ inch thick plus many lengths Diameter

The Slatwall hooks come in three colors. These colors are black, white, and chrome. They also come in 2 thicknesses Quarter-inch and 0.177″. They can be used with Slatwall panels and are available in three different sizes. These sizes are 2 inches, 4 inches, 6 inches, 8 inches, 10 inches as well as 12 inches. They are very useful and can be utilized as a Slatwall accessory with bins and shelves. Its price ranges from $0.37 to $0.59. 

Black, White, and Chrome Slatwall Picture Frame Hook 

These Slatwall Metal Picture Frame Hooks are perfect for hanging pictures up on the wall of your house. They can be used instead of just drilling nails into the walls of your house. This picture frame hook would do less damage to the walls of your home and make the pictures hang beautifully. An added advantage of this Slatwall picture frame hook is that it is very easy to install and can be used with Slatwall panels. It also comes in colors chrome, black, and white. It does not weigh up to 0.3 lbs and as a result, would not be much of a burden on the walls of the house where it is being installed in. It is also quite affordable as its cost ranges from $0.48 to $0.55.

Chrome Slatwall and Gridwall Shelf Rest Brackets

This is a Light-duty Slatwall Shelf Rest Bracket Accessory that can be used with glass shelves. It is better used with glass shelves as glass shelves are quite delicate and require something sturdy to hold them up. It is also of great advantage as it is not complicated to install and can be installed at home without calling a technician. It is available in chrome color and can easily be attached to shelf brackets with a straight style. It weighs 0.1 lbs and would not be much of a burden on where it is installed.

Shelf Rest Bracket Rubber Bumpers

The Slatwall Bracket Rubber Bumpers can be used in place of the gridwall shelf rest bracket. They are used primarily with glass shelves. They can also be attached to shelf rest brackets to give it a firm and sturdy balance. The only color it is available in is chrome, and the fact that it weighs .02 lbs proves that it would not be a burden on the wall it is attached to end up disfiguring it. It can also be easily installed and does not cost much. Its cost is $0.08.

Rectangular Tubing Slatwall Hangrail Bracket

The Rectangular Tubing Hangrail Bracket is a Slatwall accessory that serves as a tool to help hang up clothes, including jackets and suits. It is highly efficient as it ensures that clothes are stored in an arranged manner. It is 12 inches long and weighs 2 lbs. This Slatwall accessory is only available in the color chrome. It can be purchased for $5 and above.

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