Store Fixtures will Improve Shopper Experience!

Recent studies have shown that retail sales have been on a steady incline for the past few months, even exceeding the expectations of financial experts at Thomson Reuters Corporation. But any retailer who’s been in the business long enough knows that this is actually an unusual turn of events. What’s more, the summer months to come are often even less certain. Retail store success is going to all come down to one thing: appeal.


With all of the many retail selections in-store and online, customers often report feeling bombarded by products and information. Since many customers look to shopping as a form of stress relief, you can increase your appeal by just keeping it simple. For example, opt for chic, single-bar clothing racks with basic metal hangers. A modern glass display case adds an instant luxury effect while maintaining an organized, shopper-friendly environment.

Feng Shui

Feng Shui (pronounced “fung sh-way”) is a Chinese philosophical principle of creating harmony and positive energy by arranging your environment a certain way. The practice is used often in American homes, but many retail stores apply it as well. Walk into your own store and find what grabs your attention—this is where Feng Shui says the energy flows. The first thing the customer sees should be intriguing without being overly aggressive, like a charming wood tier display. It could even be something decorative like a painting or a wall-based, indoor waterfall.


Along the same lines as Feng Shui, part of creating an appealing shopping environment is setting the “mood.” Avoid retail taboos like facing a mirror directly at the front entrance, installing fluorescent ceiling lighting, aligning the back door with the front door, and giving the room a harsh or otherwise unpleasant smell. Since lighting can be one of the biggest influencers of mood, consider lining your display cases with white LED lighting while keeping the rest of the room dimly lit. This keeps shoppers focused on the product without all of the “background noise” in the way.