If you are looking for a new and inexpensive way to configure your store displays, one option you should consider is gridwall. This fixture type is often one of the most cost-effective ways to display a large amount of merchandise in a small space. If you aren’t familiar with the product or haven’t decided yet if it is right for you, check out these four BIG benefits of the gridwall display system.
A Great Solution for Small Accessories – With a gridwall shelving system you can either hang small items from hooks on the wall, or you can utilize baskets for further organization. You can also assemble them as freestanding units for placement anywhere in your store.
Improves Store Security – Since the gridwall panels themselves are see through, you can use them in the middle of your floor space without sacrificing visibility. You’ll have a much more secure area, and your facility will be less appealing to potential shoplifters which can save you money too.
Lightweight – Moving around grindwall is no problem since the walls are lightweight and portable. In addition to using the gridwall for permanent fixtures, it makes an excellent choice for temporary or “pop-up” retail locations.
Highly Configurable – The options truly are endless. You can try different configurations to find the setup that is perfect for your retail space. You’ll find no other fixture product that offers as many configuration choices as gridwall.
Gridwall displays are clearly an excellent display solution for many businesses, both small and large. Adding this product to your location gives you superior flexibility and can improve the overall look and organization of your retail space. Check out the many gridwall products and accessories we have available at Store Fixtures and Supplies or contact us for answers to all your questions. We can’t wait to help you take your displays to the next level.