Hangers, Shelves, Mannequins or?

The main objective of a clothing retailer is to present their products in such a way that the customer can practically envision each item in his or her own wardrobe. There are several different ways to get creative with clothing displays, but the three main clothing-related retail store supplies are: hangers, shelves, and mannequins.

An outfit you currently have hidden on the shelf might be most appealing on a mannequin, while a pair of pants on a hanger in the back of your store might look neater when folded on a shelf up front. The point is: every product is different and should be displayed according to its unique qualities. Here are some rules of thumb to keep in mind when buying store supplies for sale.


These classic store supplies come with the unique advantage of highlighting an item’s design without distracting with its shape. Unlike clothing focused primarily on fit, clothing suited for hangers includes loose dresses, graphic tops, patterned clothing, and any item with a central image or word. If design is the clothing item’s most attractive quality, hangers are the best store supplies for your display.


Pants– and especially jeans– are most commonly displayed on a shelves as opposed to a hanger, a mannequin, or other retail store supplies. Why is this? Pants are designed largely for utility, with distinguished features taking up only a small portion of the item. Namely: the back pockets and front zipper region. Customers will feel a lot less overwhelmed when they can clearly see the most important feature of a pair of pants without having to sort through bulky material.


Of all the store supplies for sale, mannequins are the most versatile. When you’re dealing with clothing that’s all about the fit, a mannequin can allow shoppers to easily imagine themselves in your merchandise. In addition to specially-fitted clothing, mannequins can also make otherwise plain apparel look lively and fresh. For example, a solid green dress might look like just another dress on the hanger, but display it on the mannequin with the right accessories and you’ve got a whole new look.

The proper aesthetics for a clothing display requires extra attention to special features 


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