All clothing stores require a way to display their product for the customer to view. This is where mannequins come into play. No store would be able to display the style of an outfit or bring the desire to the customer without a mannequin. Having mannequins would increase the chance of a sale, as it allows the consumer to view the clothing on a less flat surface. It increases sales and allows you to display clothes with more options and ways to show to the incoming shoppers.

Though it should be noted that there are many different kinds of mannequins, each serves its own purpose and is used differently depending on the image the store is seeking to achieve. The different styles of mannequins include Full Body form, Pinnable Dress form, French Dress form, Plastic Torso form, and Brazillian Style Pants form. Each mannequin offers a unique approach to designing and altering your store to give the customer a variety of options and looks. 

Full Body Mannequins

Full body mannequins are an important aspect of any retail store that sells clothing. Mannequins can come in both male and female forms while also coming in different colors or styles. Some of these include full-body gloss white, matte white, headless, and skin tone body with or without hair. This allows for a large range of options when ordering and using the mannequins within your store. Regardless if it’s a sports retail store, dress store, or casual clothing store. 

Full body mannequins can offer an amazing flair to your retail location, and come in a variety of forms or styles. Some of these options include headless mannequins that depict a form of movement, such as running. While others can include a head with face and hair standing in a certain pose. Each allows for different emphasis on the desired look the store is going for. No matter what type of retail or clothing store, you can find the mannequin that suits your store’s needs. 

Jersey and French Dress Forms

Jersey Forms and French Dress Form mannequins come with a built tripod stand while displaying the upper body with a neck block. This allows a great way to display clothes or a wonderful way for tailors to continue to work on the clothes while one a model. These French Dress forms are often lightweight and can be adjusted to any height along the tripod base, coming in a cream-like color or solid black. You could also just purchase the base stand if that is all you require. 

While the French Dress mannequin doesn’t offer a lower body, you can alter it to be taller and add clothes onto it due to the adjusted height. Now, this wouldn’t be suitable for pants. The customer would be able to equip the figure with a dress and alter the height so it would not drag onto the ground and display the full view of the dress. 

Countertop Form 

Countertop forms are as simple as their name, they are mannequins designed for being place on a countertop. They are extremely useful, easy to use, and are designed with comfort in mind. Customers who purchase these kinds of mannequins can use them for a variety of purposes but are often placed upon tables and counters. 

Usually consisting of just the upper torso, this kind of mannequin is used for shirts or clothes on the upper body. Allowing the customer to easily show a variety of clothes with just the upper body in mind. They can come in white, gray, and full black colors, but no skin tone. The main plan of the countertop is to give the customer the ability to display the desired look with ease and place it near eye level for incoming shoppers. 

Plastic Torso Form 

Plastic Torso mannequins can be a great way to help you advertise clothing within your retail store. They only come in two colors, White and Black. But they offer a variety of styles, coming from a male form, female form, and a child form along with a mix of just torso and torso with hips. This allows you to display a wide range of clothes in multiple sections, giving you the versatility to design the store however you seek fit.

Plastic Torso forms can be hung around the store rather than being on a stand needing to be set up on a counter or in a large space like other mannequins. This allows a magnificent way to display clothes or garments around the store in a unique hanging fashion. They are lightweight, easy to set up and use, and are a great look to any clothing store. 

Brazillian Style Pants form

Brazillian Style Pants Forms puts the emphasis on the legs while allowing you to display the upper body if you desire to. They come in two major options, one with a top and one without a top. They only come in one color, a flesh color tone complete with an attached chrome base for stability when standing the mannequin around the store. 

The Brazillian style pants form is solid but comes with a removable top when purchased, allowing the user to customize it to show just the legs or the full body. This allows for variety and versatility when designing the store, giving the customer much more options than a standard or countertop mannequin. They can be used in multiple settings and styles, giving the customer a wide range of options to work with and alter their store. 

Special Order

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