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Considering Slatwall Inserts?

We offer two types of Slatwall Inserts!

  • Aluminum Inserts
  • Vinyl Rolls


Aluminum Slatwall InsertsSlatwall panel inserts for sale in phoenix and online

If your looking to add elegance and strength to your slatwall panels your considering the right product. We sell slatwall inserts 2 different ways, individual or factory set.

Self Installed Slatwall Inserts

Self installed aluminum inserts can be installed immediately in any slatwall panel. They will hold almost any type of slatwall accessory with the exception of baskets and ceramic accessories. You can order them buy clicking on the image or select them as an option when ordering our slatwall panels. When ordering you will receive 15 inserts which will complete one panel. Please contact us prior to ordering if you are concerned about a specific slatwall accessory.

Factory Set Slatwall Inserts

Factory set aluminum inserts can hold any type of slatwall accessory. They are set in place at the manufacturer so a custom order must placed.



Vinyl Roll Slatwall InsertsSlatwall Vinyl Inserts for sale

If your simply looking to add a bit of color to your slatwall panel choose Vinyl. Vinyl inserts are sold by the roll. One roll will complete one slatwall panel. We offer vinyl rolls in black, blue, chrome, gold, green, mauve, red, white, yellow. You can order buy clicking on the image or select them as an option when ordering a slatwall panel.