Want to save money on supplies? We’ll show you how!

Retail supplies are a common business expense that can’t really be avoided, but this essential cost can be reduced with a little strategizing and shopping around. At Bargain Store Equipment, we offer the lowest prices on retail store supplies for a variety of different retailers. We strive to give you a selection of variety while offering the most common and effective pieces. Consider these three top-selling products to determine if and how you should use them at your own retail shop.

1. Hangers

Metal Hangers can be a sturdier selection for delicate items, or anything you want to present in the most appealing fashion. Alternatively, plastic hangers are a  practical and less expensive form of retail supplies. Determining the longevity of each type of hanger will depend on a number of factors, which should be monitored for the best result.

2. Racks

Our Garment Rack and Clothing Rack styles range from traditional to contemporary, so you can match your retail store equipment with your brand’s image. Remember to focus on putting aesthetically appealing racks in the front of the store, while sticking to practical, cost-effective models in less visible spaces.

3. Labelers and Marking Guns

If you do use printed tags for certain items, labelers and marking guns make it easy to modify prices to account for sales, damage, or even add a higher price if an error occurs. On non-clothing items where paper tagging is more difficult, labelers are easy, fast, and more importantly, budget-friendly.