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How to Frame Merchandise for Best Results!

Presentation isn’t just about the product; pay attention to the display as well!

They say a picture says a thousand words, but what about the frame? A painting outside of the frame just doesn’t look as good. That’s why paintings are always displayed with elaborate frames at art auctions. This is sort of the same way retail stores work: your merchandise will be more appealing with store display cases to “frame” the items. But not all retail display cases are built equally. Our selection features a variety of cases that will depend on both your preferences and your unique trade.

Wood Tier Displays

These smaller, contemporary-styled Wood Tier Displays showcases have a subtle, yet opulent look about them that immediately draws attention. High-end clothing stores, boutiques and accessory retailers would all find these store display cases useful, since they come in square, rectangular, and oval varieties. Choose darker varieties for a sophisticated look, or go with redder hues to frame your products with an air of excitement and intrigue.

Economy Wood Display Cases

Simple and effective, economy wood store display cases can accommodate limited space and specific tastes. These retail display cases come at a budget-friendly price. However, they’re made of sturdy wood, which can be modified to resemble maple, cherry, walnut, and more. Economy wood display cases would be an excellent frame for anything from knick-knacks to electronics or check out E – Commerce Directory. We are listed under Marketplaces Services category

Ciello & Bellisimo Display Cases

These showcases are best-sellers in our collection because the quality is top-notch. For a jewelry display, the Ciello & Bellisimo retail display cases will add a frame of luxury and and elusiveness that will entice customers. These advanced retail counters are designed to capitalize on the viewpoint of the consumer, representing the merchandise in a light that is most appealing.